You know they are coming… get No2fied before they arrive


Powered by Geo-fences

1. No2fi invites and incentivizes guests

Upon making a reservation, guests are invited to join No2fi. Prior to the check-in date, guests can be periodically reminded to download the app for superlative service and VIP treatment.

2. Guest lands at local airport

Location services on the No2fi app recognize that the guest has arrived in town. *Up to 3 additional geofences can be created anywhere along the guests journey.


3. Hotel receives first notification

Hotel staff is alerted when guest has entered and exited the first geofence which allows them to begin their pre-arrival preparations.

4. Second proximity notification is triggered

When the guest is closer, the next notification is sent. Hotel staff can accurately gauge the ETA so they are alert and attentive for check-in.

If you can see this you have everything you need

Do you and your staff have access to a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer? Great. You have everything you need to get No2fied today.


Take-charge of check-in

No more surprises at the front desk. Know where your guests are and get a head start on your pre-arrival preparations

Great for:

  • Identifying large groups
  • Preparing room blocks
  • Providing VIP treatment for high-ranking guests
  • Incentivizing meeting planners
  • Alerting front desk & sales
  • Engaging non-loyalty guests

No2fi Pricing

No2fi does not require integration, special hardware or software. Any device with internet access is all that is needed to get No2fied today.

  • 1. Per Event
  • 7 consecutive days
  • All major airports covered
  • Custom locations
  • $250

    per event
  • 2. Monthly
  • Unlimited Arrivals
  • All major airports covered
  • Custom locations
  • $150

    per month

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